It’s everything you expect from a Falcon cabin. And more. Eighteen large windows flood the cabin with natural light. Beyond illumination, seats are designed to afford every passenger an open view. Air is refreshed constantly, helping you arrive invigorated, even after a long mission. And added soundproofing trims decibels from what was already one of aviation’s quietest interiors, for a library-silent environment in which to converse or contemplate

Falcons are built alongside some of the world’s most advanced fighter jets, designed by the same engineering teams, assembled in the same factories and test flown by the same pilots who test jets that fly twice the speed of sound and pull nine times the force of gravity. This unique military heritage accounts for the technological know-how in aerodynamics and structural design that gives the Falcon 2000LXS its high cruise efficiency, unmatched low speed performance, robust airframe and outstanding handling characteristics and safety.