Your time is valuable. You have some important place to be – and it’s not sitting in traffic, waiting at an airport, or spending another night away from home. We know what regional business travel is like. That is why we are set out to change it!

Take back control of your work, travel and personal time. When you call Prince Aviation, you tell us when to fly, based on your schedule, not ours.

When opportunity knocks, you can afford to answer. When you become our client, you’ll see that Prince Aviation has an unprecedented ability to accommodate last –minute travel. Based upon availability, you can book a plane with as little as two-hours notice. This kind of rapid response helps you speed up time-to –market on new products and services. You have the security of knowing you can be there to reassure an important client, business.

Extend your reach, not your day. Prince Aviation replaces hours long trips and complicated airport connections. Because we fly point-to-point between airports located as close as possible to where you are and where you want to go. You can complete your business and get back home the same day. With Prince Aviation, you’ll never have to miss a business meeting, private dinner or a family gathering.