Entry requirements

  • Minimum 18 years of age
  • Current CPL (A) license
  • or PPL (A) with 200 flying hours, of which 150 hours as a pilot in command
  • Medical certificate, class 1/2
  • Minimum 30 flight hours on a single engine aircraft
  • Minimum 10 flight hours of instrument flying training
  • Minimum 20 flight hours of route flying including full stop landings on at least two different airports and flying on routes longer than 540km
  • Entry test flight with the qualified flight instructor

Theoretical training: 125 hours

  • Training and teaching
  • Practical training in teaching and training methods

Duration: six weeks
Location: Prince Aviation Training center, Belgrade

Practical training: 30 hours

Duration: two months(*actual duration may vary because of the weather conditions)
Location: Belgrade International Airport