Although first patented in 1970s winglets started to become a familiar sight only in the last years of 20th century with the introduction of Next Generation Boeing 737.

Twenty years later, no new aircraft model (no matter how small or big it is) is designed without winglets. Winglets became a must! Such must that the retrofit of older generations of airliners and business jets are becoming more and more important.

And it is no wonder why! The benefits of winglets installation are, just to name few:

  • Increased range
  • Reduced time to climb
  • Improved hot & high performances
  • Fuel savings
  • Reduced CO2 emmisions
  • Higher speed
  • Greater stability and smoother rides.
  • Increase aircraft value

And they look good!

Tamarack Aerospace Group offers the only aftermarket solution to install winglets on Cessna 525 Citation Jet family.

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