Fleet of Prince Aviation Flight Training Organization is optimized to fulfill all requirements of the organized courses.

You’ll learn to fly on the legendary Cessna 172. Thousands of Skyhawks has trained countless number of pilots all around the world, and we are sure that you’ll stay in love with this aircraft until the end of your flying career. In our training center you’ll fly this venerable aircraft in its “standard” version but also you can lift off in the latest generation with the state-of-the-art Garmin 1000 cockpit.

Advanced stages of training will introduce you to our twins – Piper Seneca and Piper Seminole, which will with its two engines bring you in the world of high performance airplanes.

Despite its age Seneca has been modernized and features modern navigational equipment and multifunction display which offer the feel of the glass cockpit. However Seminole, is like Cessna 172R, an aircraft with full glass cockpit and features integrated Garmin 1000 avionics package.

Prince Aviation is glad to be able to provide its students offer to “fly” even when the weather is not the best friend. Our first training device, the FNPT II simulator is extremely valuable tool in the process of training a good pilot.

When the time comes and if you choose for the career as a professional pilot you might get on one of our Citation.

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