No matter how aerospace materials are strong, versatile and durable they still do wear down and can get damaged over time. When needed Prince Aviation structures and sheet metal specialist will classify damage or fatigue, determine necessary repair procedures and aircraft structure repair time. 

Prince Aviation offers comprehensive technical support and a wide range of services to evaluate failures, recommend preventative actions and assist with component reliability.

Our sheet metal and structural work capabilities include:

  • Structural inspections of the entire aircraft
  • Structures repair and sheet metal component capabilities
  • Assessment of structural/corrosion damage on aircraft and individual structural repair
  • Rectification of structural damage
  • Metal work regarding structural modifications
  • Engineering support and planning of aircraft structural repairs

Our capabilities are best shown with several examples of repairs performed by our team

  • Nose skin replacement
  • Pressurized vessel repairs after damage
  • Wing Leading edge repairs
  • Engine inlet leading edge repairs
  • Radom repairs
  • Corrosion repairs
  • Wing skin panel repairs