Your aircraft is your extremely valuable tool and asset. But it will not worth anything without proper documentation and records!

Prince Aviation is approved and certified Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (view certificate) and is capable to take care of the entire airworthiness management for your business aircraft, including:

  • Annual Airworthiness Review (Document review and aircraft physical inspection)
  • Development, control and update of the Approved Aircraft Maintenance Programme
  • Airworthiness data & records – monitoring, tracking, analysis, record and retention of Flight & Technical log and maintenance work packages
  • Development, control and update of the Minimum Equipment List (MEL)
  • Organization and monitoring of scheduled maintenance
  • Monitoring and approval of minor and major repairs and modifications
  • Monitoring of compliance of performed maintenance tasks to standards set by current and valid aeronautical regulations and approved aircraft maintenance program
  • Assesment of applicability of MANUFACTURER’s Service Bulletins, Service Letters and other technical publications, including the control of their fulfillment
  • Assesment of applicability of Airworthiness Directives, including the control of their fulfillment
  • Control of malfunctions and failures in accordance with Structural repair Manual and/or MEL
  • Control of Deffered Defects
  • Control and update of CAMP database
  • Power-by-the hour program management (Falcon Care / ESP / MSP)
  • Development and control of ENGINE Health Monitoring Programs
  • Development of Maintenance contracts in accordance with Part M, Appendix XI
  • Liaison with manufacturers and regulatory authorities
  • Mandatory Occurrence Reporting