Zrenjanin – Ecka (LYZR)

Airfield at Ecka is used for the initial phases of the pilot training. It is located 7 kilometers southeast from the city of Zrenjanin .

It has 1200 meters long grass runway, and it is supported with all necessary infrastructure, facilities and services necessary for safe flying and initial pilot training.

Prince Aviation Flight Training Organization has organized its own facilities at the airfield to guarantee its students the comfort, safety and security in order to achieve the best training results

Belgrade International Airport (LYBE)

Prince Aviation training programs and courses has a great advantage in the fact that our student are able to fly from a major International Airport during their training. And that is an invaluable experience in their future career.

Belgrade International Airport is an airport equipped for flights in all meteorological conditions and on its single 3400 meters long runway even Boeing 747 can land.

Fasten your seat belts, start the engine and follow the ATC clearances to the real aviation world.

Other airports in the region

Geographically on a great strategic location, Ecka and Belgrade offer a great opportunity to fly to such a variety of airports that can provide you the best possible realistic training first hand.

During your flying you’ll be landing on small grass strips in the rural Serbia or large international airport with two concrete runways on the sea shore.